Let’s establish the setting…

There are 5 applications that have been developed. The applications are written in Go, Java, Node, PHP, and Python, which is the main application. These applications need to be deployed in GCP’s PaaS offering, App Engine.

Additionally, for these applications, two domain names have been purchased:

  • medium-appengine-domain1.tk
  • medium-appengine-domain2.ml

And these subdomains need to be assigned to individual applications:

  • www.medium-appengine-domain1.tk
  • medium-appengine-domain1.tk
  • go-app.medium-appengine-domain1.tk
  • node-app.medium-appengine-domain2.ml
  • java-app.medium-appengine-domain2.ml
  • php-app.medium-appengine-domain2.ml

So, how can we achieve this?


Let's first take a quick look into how we could deploy these 5 applications to App Engine…

Let's meet Kevin and Ishan. Two developers from the team of Gen-Erik Softwares. They have built an application that displays a random string in blue color. A revolutionary application indeed. They have harnessed the power of microservices-based architecture and have deployed their application onto Kubernetes.

They have CI/CD pipelines in place which deploy their code to the Dev environment whenever a push occurs in their repository. However, here they face few challenges.

Initially, automated deployments to the Dev environment were happening whenever a push occurred, irrespective of the branch. …

So, here’s a scenario.

I am an avid coder, working in the Cloud domain, who is also a part-time musician and a music producer. So I spend a lot of time coding and developing cloud solutions, along with recording, mixing and producing songs.

Now, once a song has been completed, 99% of the time, I transfer the song to my phone, and I listen to it from there. I listen to it obsessively to figure out if any changes or improvements are required.

Once the changes are done, I export it, transfer it to the phone, listen, repeat.

After doing…

Srinibas Misra

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